• 4 tips to help you beat the winter blahs

    4 tips to help you beat the winter blahs
    By now, all of us should be comfortable with the fact that being Canadian means having to deal with the long, cold, dark winter months. Granted, it’s a small price to pay to live in such a beautiful, open and free society.But, none the less, the winter months can really weigh on people. Some more than others.Fatigue, depression, anxiety…these symptoms are real, and they can be a stubborn obstacle when trying to stay active and healthy from December to March. Here are 4 tips to help you beat the winter...

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  • BCAA'S for improved results and Performances in the gym

    BCAA'S for improved results and Performances in the gym
    If you’re familiar with life in and around the gym and supplements, you surely know the virtues of BCAA’s. Or, at least, you have heard of it and you know that most serious lifters and fitness fanatics are using bcaa’s  to improve results and performance and to reduce muscle breakdown.  If everyone talk so much about it if they can not do without it, there must be a catch! But, don’t  be afraid, BCAA’s do not represent a passing fad or just the latest trend. Far from there! BCAA’S USES BCAA’s means Branched-chain...

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  • Vegan Maple Vanilla Blondies Recipe

    Vegan Maple Vanilla Blondies Recipe
    Brownies are so good! But what about blondies??  Blondies are pretty much like brownies, but instead of being made with cacao, it is replaced by vanilla flavor.  Chocolate is always welcomed of course, but it’s nice to switch thing up sometimes and make different flavors combinations. The following recipe is healthy, gooey, soft, and guilt free. The crust is crispy but not too much, the inside is sweet but perfectly balanced, and this overall deliciousness is just… delicious! These are vegan and packed with protein since it is made with Vegan Pro, a unique pea protein...

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