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Too expensive.

Best service !

The best service !

Better ISO in the market.

I like the product quality. A lot of flavors and a very good price.

Believe Energy Burner - 30 Servings

Good Energy Boost, Low in Calories.

I got the Grape Escape flavor and i enjoy the taste (if you like sour flavors, this is a good one).

The l'carnitine, caffeine, and taurine combo seem to help me perform my workouts well during a cut. I generally prefer stronger pre-workouts, but the price is what lead me to try this.

Overall, it works as advertised and tastes good. I'd recommend this product.

For the price it’s a great product 👍

It’s great for the price 👍


To be quite honest, I was pleasantly surprised by the taste!! Very good ! As for mixing ,it is great as well clumps ! I have put on 7lbs in the past 20 days with a good diet and the help of ANS PERFORMANCE N-MASS Gainer

big gains

big gain


Very good service


Arriver en 3 jours et goute bon!

Allmax Creatine Monohydrate - 400g


Site super facile pour le magasinage, livraison trĂšs trĂšs rapide !!! Je recommande absolument!!!

Allmax Carbion+ - 700g
Jonathan Desjardins
J'adore le produit

J'aime bien prendre se produit avant mes parties de hockey.
Merci Ă  toute l'Ă©quipe!

Merci Jonathan!

I believe we have a winner

I've been plant based for a good 12 years and have tried my share of plant based protein powders and I have to say that Allmax might have a homerun with this one.

It mixes well, tastes good with either plant based milk or just plain water. I have no digestive discomfort.

My only gripe or hope is that they come out with more great flavors like mixed berries or coffee or caramel, all good choices.

A definite competitor to the whey isolates out there. Well worth the price.

Thank you!

My Go-To Whey Protien Powder

I've been buying the Vanilla and French Vanilla flavors for over 8 years and use them for shakes and baking. I even use this product to make pancakes and French toast.

The flavor and nutrition are balanced quite well and it mixes well too. Definitely recommend this product.

Thank you!

Animal Fury Pre-workout - 30 Servings

TrĂšs bon!

TrĂšs bon


love the taste

Yummy Sports Creatine - 500g
Élisabeth Houde

Yummy Sports Creatine - 500g


Rise Wrist Wraps - 18 Inch

Exellent produit


Hyperforme tjrs excellent

Merci Mathieu!