ATP Estro-Control Version 3.0 60 capsATP Estro-Control Version 3.0 60 caps

ATP Estro-Control Version 3.0 60 caps


A unique and 100% natural formula that effectively helps to promote

  • Healthy estrogen metabolism.
  • Reduction of cellulite (lower body)
  • Weight loss (especially in the lower limbs)
  • Increased energy
  • Enhanced libido
  • Estrogen and xenoestrogen detoxification


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ATP Estro-Control Version 3.0

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ATP Estro-Control Version 3.0


A unique and 100% natural formula that effectively helps to promote healthy estrogen metabolism.

Promotes healthy hormone metabolism in the liver by eli­minating excessive harmful estrogen metabolites and pro­moting normalized estrogen to progesterone levels. Estro Control is a unique and revolutionary formula that combines different herbal extracts and botanicals in a complimentary profile to target the liver and its estrogen detoxification pro­cesses

Estro Control Promotes:

  • Estrogen and xenoestrogen detoxification
  • Reduction of cellulite (lower body)
  • Weight loss (especially in the lower limbs)
  • Increased energy
  • Enhanced libido

What each ingredient does:


  • Well known anti-inflammatory properties (inhibits NFkb pathway)
  • Strong inducer of phase 1 & 2 liver detox pathways
  • Liver protectant ability

Green Tea Extract

  • High AO activity via EGCG activity
  • Helps prevent aromatization
  • Helps prevent oxidization of estrogen into harm­ful metabolites


  • Indole-compound found in cruciferous vegetables
  • Stimulates enzymes that induce proper estrogen metabolism/inhibits cancer gene expression
  • Adjust estradiol levels via conversion to less harmful metabolites
  • Prevents side effects cause by aromatization of testosterone to estrogen


  • Promotes estrogen detox via glucaronidation pathway of phase 2 liver detox
  • Pathway directly detoxifies steroid hormones, carcinogens, and excess cholesterol
  • Inhibits beta-glucuronidase enzyme which blocks this pathway (promotes reabsorption)


  • Regulates estrogen action at cellular level
  • SERM activity can inhibit estrogen-binding affinity(select-estrogen-recep- tor-modulation)
  • Helps to modulate inflammation and carcinogenic activity Broccophane
  • Inhibits cancer cell growth and initiates cellular apoptosis
  • Inhibits proliferation of breast cancer cells (tied to estrogen excess)
  • Reduces expression of estrogen receptor, downregulates cellular expression & growth
  • Inducer of anti-inflammatory activity in the body (NRF2 pathways)

Proper dosing

  • 1cap/day week 1
  • 2cap/day week 2

Liver problems some might experience headaches/dizziness/ w/spotting indicates low progesterone


Estro Control does not increase or reduce hormonal production. It simply promotes estrogen balance by promoting balance and excretion of harmful estrogen meta­bolites (4-methoxy-estrone, 16-alpha-OH-estrone).

The formulation of this supplement is safe and highly effective for all pre-meno­pausal women.





Menopausal women: absence of menstruation or cycle of more than 35 to 40 days. The following symptoms are linked to low estrogen levels or high progesterone levels:

  • Hair loss
  • Appearance of wrinkles around the mouth
  • Loss of breast volume and firmness
  • Increased hair growth on face (women)
  • Hot flashes, especially during the evening and at night
  • Acne on the jaw line

Women exhibiting one or more of these symptoms should reduce the dosage to one capsule per day for two weeks and, if symptoms persist, stop taking the sup­plement. Certain side effects may occur early in the treatment:

Minor blood loss (spotting), headaches, and abdominal pain are often signs of the body’s increased detoxification processes, and are usually temporary. However, if symptoms persist for more than two weeks, reduce dosage or stop taking the supplement.

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