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ATP Diuretik - 120 caps (EXPIRY 10/2020)

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ATP Diuretik - 120 caps (EXPIRY 10/2020)

To regulate transient water retention in a safe way, choose Diuretik!

Diuretik Promotes:

  • Elimination of water retention.
  • Electrolyte balance.
  • Emptying of the urinary tract and its functional optimization.
  • Improved liver and kidney function.

    Diuretik is a unique formula that combines herbal and mineral based ingredients to help promote a healthy immune response and supports removal of excess water in the body. It contains antioxidants to help promote and maintain healthy kidney function and supports electrolyte balance.



    Leaf is rich in micro & phytonutrients . Dandelion results in increased urination frequency and water loss. It Helps reduce uric acid build up and stimulates urine production.


    Green Tea

    EGCG content can exert a powerful generalized AO . Green tea Promotes anti-inflammatory activity via activity against NF-kB. Green Tea has Been shown to improve metabolic health and implicated in cancer prevention.



    Used in traditional herbal medicine as a detoxification support and blood tonic and it Contains powerful antioxidants.



    Traditionally used to help combat bone loss and prevent osteoporosis . Horse tail is Rich in phytonutrients, trace minerals, and plant compounds. It also Has astringent properties and promote diuretic activity in the body . Horsetail Helps to increase urine production and soothe inflammation in the urinary tract.



    Essential mineral necessary for nerve transmission and muscle function  and it Often depleted by water loss. Also, Magnesium helps to maintain intracellular potassium levels.



    Counteracts the effects of sodium retention  and it Promotes a reduction of edema. Potassium Balances high sodium levels.



    Initiates the action-potential for muscle contraction and it  Works in conjunction with magnesium to maintain optimal muscle function . Renal calcium excretion generally increases with diuretic

    Encapsulated in vegetable capsules, completely free of chemical excipients, using only plant cellulose.


    The DIURETIK is with Vegetarian capsules!