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ATP Lab Endurolyte XL - 30 servings


ATP Lab Endurolyte XLPerformance product that contributes to muscle function, hydratation and ph balance.

  • 100% GMO-FREE


    D-ribose is a natural monosaccharide (simple sugar) produced by the body using glucose. This carbohydrate molecule is an essential component of adenosine triphosphate (ATP), an organic chemical whose role is to deliver and store energy in every human cell.

    Ribonucleic acid (RNA), one of the most important transcription components in all forms of life, also contains D-ribose. ATP is quickly used by highly solicitated muscles and RNA is extremely important  for protein synthesis. That explains why D-ribose supplements are so efficient to increase energy level and optimize performances. 

    • Helps to increase energy level in the muscles.
    • Helps to reduce chronic fatigue symptoms.
    • Helps to ease muscle soreness, cramps and stiffness after workout.
    • Helps to give extra cardio boost during workout.
    • May help to ease symptoms related to fibromyalgia.
    • Helps to maintain performance / facilitate extended effort (more than 60 minutes) during high intensity workout.
    • Source of carbohydrates to sustain energy production.


      • Calcium : helps muscular contraction, nerves endings, blood coagulation, cell division and bone and teeth development/ maintenance.
      • Potassium : helps to maintain steady blood pressure, to regulate heartbeat and to other muscular functions.
      • Magnesium : essential for muscular contractions, to maintain proper heart rate, for nerve function, to strengthen bones,  to reduce anxiety, for good digestion and to keep proteinaceous    fluids balance.
      • Sodium : helps to maintain water balance, essential for muscular contractions and helps nerve signals.
      • Zinc : Zinc is not an electrolyte by definition, but it is implicated   in more than 300 chemical and enzymatic reactions in the human body. Its contributions to immune function and kidney function    make it indispensable to our formula.

        Beet extract

        Helps to reduce blood pressure.

        • Promotes endurance.
        • Reduces inflammation.
        • Promotes detoxification.

          Drinking beet juice or concentrated beet extract may help to lower blood pressure within a few hours. A study found that drinking one glass of beet juice can lower systolic pressure  by an average 4 to 5 points

          That reaction is caused by the natural nitrates in the beets. Inside  the body, the nitrates are transformed into nitric oxide which helps dilate blood vessels, improve blood flow and reduce blood pressure.  Beet extract also increase athlete’s endurance by up to 16 %.

          Beets are a unique source of betaine, a nutrient that helps to protect cells, proteins and enzymes from environmental stress. Beets are also known to fight inflammation, protect internal organs, reduce vascular risk factors, improve performances and help to prevent many chronic illnesses.

          Beets are rich in vitamin C, fibers and essential minerals like potassium (essential for nerve and muscular functions) and manganese, which is good for bones, liver, kidneys and pancreas. Beets contain folic acid which helps reduce risks of chronic inflammation.

          Betalain pigments contained in beets supports the phase 2 detoxification of the liver, which consists of eliminating molecules toxins and excrete them from the body.