Blue Star Crea-Tech 120 caps

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Blue Star Crea-Tech 

  • Increase fat-free muscle mass by 1.76 pounds in the first 7 days*
  • Increase protein synthesis*
  • Improve performance, power, and strength*
  • Increase muscle volume*
  • Maintain water balance*
  • Prevent cramps*
  • Increase creatine transport rate across cells by 34%*
  • Eliminate bloating*
  • Reduce lactic acidosis during exercise*
  • Increase the creatine content in your muscle by 150% (compared to creatine monohydrate, over a 4 week period)

A giant step forward. An entirely new direction.

Blue Star Crea-Tech was created when Blue Star decided to completely reinvent the world’s concept of creatine, the first step was to understand its users. It turns out they all want the same thing – to add muscle without fat.


The king of all muscle builders

Creatine is the most scientifically validated supplement in existence. No other supplement adds muscle as quickly as creatine.* But the benefits don’t stop there. Ask any creatine-researcher and they’ll agree, it’s 100% safe.*

No other product produces a greater presence of intramuscular creatine.* Every ingredient is there because it supports one thing, muscle growth – a product-defining difference you’ll notice from your very first serving.*

99.95% pure. 100% more.

A single serving of Crea-Tech could contain up to twice as much creatine as a competitor's brand.


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