Magnum Acid Isolate - 90 softgels (Expiry 01/2022)

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Magnum Acid Isolate - 90 softgels (Expiry 01/2020)

  • All natural
  • Stimulant Free
  • Targets body fat problems
  • Reduces Cravings
  • Increases the feeling of satiety.

Magnum Acid Isolate is a CLA isolate formula (1000 mg per serving) designed to target body fat problems by reducing fat accumulation in fat cells. It is a non-stimulant fat burner that decreases the activity of fat storage enzymes to help reduce your body's fat production without harmful chemicals or synthetic stimulants.

All-natural supplement
Made from all-natural ingredients and designed to boost your body's performance, Magnum Acid increases levels of norepinephrine, one of the body's most powerful fat burning hormones.

Magnum Acid is ideal for anyone who:

  • Is trying to increase lean muscle mass and improve body composition.
  • Trying to tighten their stomach, buttocks or thighs
  • Trying to lose fat
  • Is trying to improve his/her diet
  • Is a bodybuilder, fitness competitor or athlete.


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