Magnum Tonic - 90 caps

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Magnum Tonic

  • Increases natural testosterone
  • Improves strength and endurance
  • Increases muscle density
  • Improves recovery

Magnum Tonic is a natural testosterone activator designed to increase the amount of luteinizing hormone produced in the pituitary gland and improve the ratio of free to bound (unnecessary) testosterone.


  • Rapid muscle gains
  • Better recovery
  • Increased libido.

Magnum Tonic provides athletes and hard core trainers with a full dose, optimized hormonal supplement. Whether you're a man or a woman, Tonic will have you feeling younger and more virile in days!

CHASTE TREE BERRY POWDER: Tribulus extract and chasteberry extract work together to increase testosterone by increasing the amount of luteinizing hormone that is produced.

RHODIOLA ROSEA: Rhodiola rosea extract reduces cortisol levels, which can improve your mental and physical performance. Boost your energy levels and improve your concentration with our organic food supplement.

AVENA SATIVA: This extract from the oat plant releases testosterone that sticks to various compounds in the body. It can also improve mental performance and heart health.

For men who:

  • Are trying to increase their lean muscle mass and improve their body composition
  • Want to support testosterone production and recognition without negatively impacting their body's ability to do so naturally
  • Have low testosterone levels
  • Want to improve their strength and endurance
  • Want to feel younger
  • Want to improve blood flow and hardening (all over!)

For women who:

  • Are dieting for a physical competition
  • Need to regain their natural hormonal balance
  • Want to reduce PMS or menopausal symptoms
  • Want to increase their strength and recovery
  • Have a desire to increase their vitality and sexuality


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