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MuscleMaxx BCAA Apocalypse - 50 servings

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MuscleMaxx BCAA Apocalypse - 50 servings

If you want anabolic power, you need BCAA’s. BCAA’s are the anabolic power behind the protein we need to build lean muscle mass. You go to the gym, you kill it at the gym, and to reap the gains you need BCAA’s. You Need BCAA Apocalypse. This is a highly potent and effective amino acid supplement that helps stop the muscle breakdown that is a fact of life for bodybuilders and athletes. To help tilt the scale in your favor, you should be taking BCAA’s to help feed your starving muscles and stimulate new muscle growth. All at the same time these aminos will be helping to reduce muscle breakdown!

Nothing keeps your muscles going and growing like the power of BCAA’s. This is especially important during those high intensity workouts. Muscle Maxx has developed one the most potent BCAA supplements on the market…BCAA Apocalypse. But they didn’t stop with aminos, they added B6 and B12 to help ramp up your metabolism and give your body what it needs to more effectively use and absorb these much needed amino acids.


Highlights & Benefits

    • Improve Overall Lean Muscle Growth
    • Supports Stopping the Breakdown of Muscle Tissue
    • Improves Recovery Times
    • 50 Huge Servings
    • Amazing Flavors

Who Should Take BCAA Apocalypse?

Anyone that is looking to build lean muscle mass and wants as much muscle growth as possible. While other aminos may be processed by the liver, the BCAA’s in this product are absorbed directly into the muscle. This helps to cut down on muscle tissue loss. So if you are one that want to build lean muscle as fast as possible, this is the BCAA supplement for you!

BCAA’s In This Product

These highly important aminos are found in complete proteins like whey, beef and egg. Muscle Mass uses the clinically studied best ratio of 2:1:1. Don’t be fooled by other higher ratios. This ratio has been studied to be the best for muscle growth and reducing breakdown.

    • 50% Leucine
    • 25% Valine
    • 25% Isoleucine


Muscle Maxx went a step further and included L-Glutamine in the mix. This helps support your glutamine levels in the body. It’s main goal is to help stop muscle breakdown and improve recovery times. Both especially important for hard workouts. They then added Taurine to help with better metal focus and improved natural energy. It also can help draw in more water and nutrients, resulting in better pumps, recovery and overall growth.