ReKarb + Electrolytes - 1 Unit

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ReKarb + Electrolytes - 1 Unit

Maple's Science

Maple syrup is a 100% natural product that has not been transformed, that contains no artificial colors and no preservatives. It contains a high volume of carbohydrates which are easily metabolised in glucose by the body during effort, providing the energy needed to perform and to increase resistance. After workout, it helps restore carbohydrates reserves rapidly.

Being a source of potassiumcalcium and magnesium, maple syrup is a must because these three minerals have an important role in muscle contraction and release. It is also an excellent source of manganese and zinc, two minerals necessary for muscle recovery.

Maple syrup is a natural energy source that contains lots of antioxydants. A total of 63 antioxydants compounds have been found in this bio-organic cocktail. Those nutrients have the capacity of neutralising free radicals which protects cells from the oxidizing stress generated during long term effort. In other words, the intake of antioxydants before and after workout reduces muscular fatigue and eases recovery.

Simple Ingredients


Sodium is an electrolyte essential to life. It is also the electrolyte that is mainly lost in sweat.

Consequences of Insufficient Dietary Sodium
As with over-consumption, there are performance consequences and health risks associated with under-consumption of sodium including:

  • muscle cramping;
  • heat illness;
  • Inability to properly rehydrate and restore electrolyte balance after exercise;
  • Increased risk for hyponatremia (diluted levels of sodium in the blood usually caused by excessive water intake).

    Source : Coaching association of Canada.

    Sodium helps hydration retention and prevents muscular cramps. Optional on short span efforts (an hour or less), it is essential on a 90 minutes and over cardiovascular effort.


    Matcha tea is a green leaf tea. The leaves are grounded to obtain a fine powder. Eating the whole leaf boosts up the nutrients intake compare to a tea infusion. This way, you will get chlorophyll and minerals that you wouldn’t with infused tea leaves. Matcha tea is an excellent polyphenol source and will pocure many health benefits. It contains cafeine and theine that are slowly released in the organism, not at all like infused tea. More and more people are aware of matcha health benefits and add it to their averyday meals on a regular basis.


    Cocoa has been part of our diet since millenniums. First utilised for its medicinal properties, it is now well known for its health benefits. Bitter alone, but totally delicious when mixed with sugar or even better…maple syrup! Cocoa also contains its fair share of antioxydants, magnesium, iron, giving a nutritional advantage to the supplement and stay 100% natural nonetheless.

    Recommended Use

    It have been proven for many years now that carbohydrates intake during long duration effort, improves sport performances. The longer the effort, the higher the intake of carbohydrates per hour needs to be.

    The muscle capacity to store carbs is variable from an athlete to another. In general, after 45 minutes of intense cardiovascular workout, our body needs to switch pulling carbohydrates out of the liver and transform lipids into energy, which is more complex and longer to acheive than using fast absorbed carbs. Carbohydrates found in maple syrup are simple molecules that can be taken in the bloodstream and available for the muscles to use in no time.

    Before activity: If you had a good meal or snack up to two hour before your activity; you can start working out without the need to take carbs supplements. You are on race day and you had breakfast 3 or even 4 hours before the race? Your stress level and the time that passed already has taken away most of the carbs stocked in your muscles. We recommend you take one energy syrup 10 to 15 minutes before start time and make sure you stay well hydrated. Water is essential for your organism to assimilate efficiently carbs.

    During effort: Simple carbs molecules from maple syrup are fast absorbed. Athletes can generaly feel the energy boost within 10 minutes. You can wait untill you feel a slight muscular fatigue on the horizon, or take your energy syrups every 30 to 40 minutes in prevention so you always keep your carbs level adequate. Everything is relative to the level of training and body constitution of different athletes. Some factors also come into the equation; the nutrition strategy won’t be the same on a spring marathon taking place on a flat course, than the one on an ultra trail, taking place on a mountain in mid-june! The best strategy is to try everything during training and not to try anything new on race day!

    After activity: It is recommended to fill up your carbohydrate reserves within 30 minutes after workout. It is also recommended to eat proteins in order to help repair your muscle fibers.


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