Why you should use carbs.

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Many people underestimate the benefits of carbohydrate’s consumption. Not only can it help improve your athletic performance or reach your weight lost goals, carbs are essentials for the brain functioning. Carbohydrate’s consumption before, during and after training is beneficial for both performance and recuperation.

Definition and Uses

Carbohydrates are more effective than many other performance enhancer[i]. Taken right before a workout or during longer training sessions, “quick carbs” are very efficient in increasing energy levels since the they are easy to digest[ii]. Studies suggest that performance is enhanced when carbohydrate are consumed during effort and that consumption of carbohydrates prevent fatigue to happen early in training[iii].

Understanding Carbs

To understand why consuming carbohydrates is beneficial, it’s important to know that carbohydrate interact with insulin. Insulin helps the body use carbs as a source of energy. Therefore, if you spike your insulin by eating carbohydrates, you will have plenty of energy for your activity.  After your training session, the same process will occur if you consume carbohydrates with a source amino-acids, like an isolate protein. Studies have showed that the increase of insulin levels will help with protein synthesis[iv]. By increasing your insulin levels, your body gets into an anabolic mode – building muscular tissues rather than destroying it. Basically, your recovery will be enhanced because the increase of insulin will maximize the use of amino-acids to repair muscular tissues.

Our Suggestions

  • CarBion from Allmax – use before or after your training
  • WaxyMaize from Allmax – combined with your protein and use after training
  • IsoCarb from OP – combination of isolate protein and carbohydrates to use after training



Carbohydrates are too often drastically reduced from athlete’s meal plan or for individuals in weight lost programs, in order to lower their body fat. Studies show that it is usually the caloric restriction, not the macronutrient (protein, carbohydrates and fats) restriction, that leads to weight loss[v]. Many diets that are high in fats and protein are conceived in a way to make you feel full longer, since carbohydrates get digested quicker than fats and proteins. But keep in mind that it remains easier for the body to use carbohydrates as a source of energy than it is to use fats.

Lack of carbs and Fatigue: How to Fix It



In low carbohydrates diets, it is harder to maintain sufficient energy levels and a good attention span. Individual following that type of restriction often become mentally tired and distracted, even before feeling the repercussions on their physical levels of energy. If you believe having a low carbohydrate diet remains the best option for you, here are a few products that could help you stay on top of your game:

  • Acuts from Allmax
  • AminoLean for OP

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Those products offer a similar dose of caffeine than a coffee cup, in addition to taurine, an amino-acid increasing focus and attention.

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