Refer a Friend and earn valuable points ($$)

What you get:

Refer a friend and earn 300 points (10$) when they spend $25 in store or online!

What your friend gets:

Your friend will receive 300 points (10$) when he spends $25 on top of the 100 points signing bonus to join the Hyper Club!

It’s easy to get free $$ with the Hyper Club! Please follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Login to your account on our website or Open our App on your iPhone or Android.
Step 2: Copy your personalized link in your phone app or on your profile on our website.
Step 3: Send the link to your friends.

Once they spend $25, you will receive your 300 points ($10) that you can spend on your favorite supplements!

Video - How to do it from our website

Video - How to do it from our mobile app