Allmax Lights Out Sleep - 60 caps

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Allmax Lights Out Sleep - 60 caps

  • Fast acting sleep aid
  • Helps to fall asleep quickly
  • Produces a deep sleep

    Allmax Lights Out Sleep is a fast acting sleep aid that is made of the best-of-the-best key ingredients known to produce a deep sleep and to get there quickly. 

    Allmax Lights Out Sleep contains:

    • Vitamin B6 • Helps regulate sleep cycles
    • Valerian Root • Calming sedative action
    • L-Theanine • The calming component of Tea
    • GABA • Can induce deeper sleep
    • Chamomile • Gentle relaxation
    • 5-HTP • Supports serotonin
    • Passion Flower • Can increase GABA
    • Melatonin • Realigns the wake/sleep cycle 


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