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ATP Myoprime - 210g


ATP Myoprime

Myoprime is an advanced creatine formulation designed to enhance the body’s ability to generate more ATP due to the synergy of carefully selected ingredients.

Through superior absorption, bioavailability, and utilization, Myoprime will improve max strength and power, exercise performance, recovery time & cognitive function.



Creatine Monohydrate

Creatine plays a critical role in building the cellular energy pool by re-synthesizing ATP, a molecule that participates in a wide variety of metabolic reactions within the cells. About 95% of creatine in the body is broken down and utilized by skeletal muscle. This micronized form of creatine has been shown to: .

  • Enhance the body’s ability to synthesis & resynthesize ATP
  • Support increased power output of skeletal muscle
  • Reduces cellular damage by increasing antioxidant activity.
  • Improve physical endurance.
  • Increased muscle growth in-vivo due to up-regulated expression of cellular growth factors and anabolic signaling pathways

    MagnaPower® Creatine

    A chelated form of creatine bonded to a single magnesium atom to maximize ATP synthesis. Magnesium is used by skeletal muscle to increase creatine kinase activity, a rate-limiting enzyme, which increases both the creatine levels in muscle mitochondria and also the conversion of phosphocreatine to ATP.

    MagnaPower Creatine has been shown to:

    • Enhance ergogenic activity of creatine
    • Require no loading period
    • Induce a greater increase intracellular water, leading to enhanced protein synthesis
    • Increase the bioavailability of both creatine and magnesium.
    • Clinical studies showed it most strongly regenerated energy needed for anaerobic performance
    • Have a higher level of absorption & utilization than other forms of creatine.


      β-Hydroxy-β-methylbutyrate is a leucine metabolite that helps prevent muscle wasting and protein breakdown, improves exercise performance, and reduces recovery time. Studies have shown HMB:

      • Has an antagonistic but additive effect with creatine to further increase lean body mass and strength
      • Has a nitrogen sparing effect
      • Slows blood lactate accumulation resulting in greater time to reach VO2 max
      • Improves aerobic capacity
      • Aids fat loss from exercise.

        PEAK ATP

        ATP exists both inside and outside of nearly all cells of the body. Extracellular ATP regulates many physiological responses, such as vasodilation, reduced pain perception, and a variety of muscle function by signal transduction through purinergic receptors found in most cell types. While ATP is continually manufactured in the body, exercise and other stressors can significantly reduce or deplete ATP stores. Supplementing with 400 mg of ATP per day has been shown to:

        • Reduce muscle fatigue
        • Increase overall strength & power output
        • Increase muscle mass.
        • Reduce muscle protein breakdown.

          1000ui of vitamin D 3

          New studies show Vitamin D 3 is a vital nutrient for healthy muscle and are necessary for optimal performance and muscle function. A Recent research has equally shown that the combination of HMB, Vitamin D 3, and protein can help improve muscle strength and mobility.


          Adults: Take one 7 g portion a day or as directed by a qualified health practitioner.


          Consult a health care practitioner prior to use if you are taking specific medications that alter liver metabolism or are on anti-diabetic medications