EHPLabs OxyWhey - 27 Servings (EXPIRY 07/2024)

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EHPLabs OxyWhey - 27 Servings (EXPIRY 07/2024)

OxyWhey is an innovative science-based, non-GMO protein blend for lean muscle development and weight management. The unique blend assists with recovery, increases performance and enhances endurance with an added vitality boost! It comes in an all-natural range of flavors, making it irresistibly easy to hit your protein goal.  

OxyWhey contains 25g of protein, 2g of fat and 4g of carbs per scoop, making it the ideal supplement for meeting protein requirements. It comes in a delicious range of flavors and has been formulated to conquer everyone’s fears of gas, bloating and stomach discomfort.

OxyWhey’s full spectrum health and wellness formula also provides alkalizing vitamins and minerals for increased energy and vitality. OxyWhey is not your standard protein. It will make you feel good, from the inside out!


Whey protein is a rich source of all the essential amino acids (EAA), containing the highest known levels of any natural food source. It also contains BCAAs which are metabolised directly into muscle tissue and are effective for skeletal-muscle protein synthesis during and after exercise. They help to replenish decreased energy levels and assist with growth and repair of lean muscle tissue. There are 20 amino acids, 9 of which must be obtained through diet:

Methionine assists in energy production and fat metabolism.

Lysine stimulates muscle building.

Tryptophan enhances mood and pain tolerance.

Threonine plays an important role in heart health, strong bones and muscles.

Phenylalanine reduces RPE, pain tolerance and enhances mood. Histidine assists in offsetting lactic acid build up.

Leucine plays a vital role in protein synthesis and energy production.

Isoleucine enhances endurance, energy and muscle recovery.

Valine is important for muscular growth, energy, and recovery.



OxyWhey includes a full spectrum of B-vitamins which promote and support energy levels. They work to help the body use macronutrients (carbohydrates, fat and protein) for fuel and play an important role in brain function and DNA production. Figures show that a very sizeable proportion of the developed populations suffer deficiency in one or more B vitamins, suggesting that supplementation may be of particular benefit.


Studies suggest that whey protein may protect against toxins, bacteria, and viruses ². Each serving of OxyWhey also contains one of the most widely used probiotic strains, L. Rhamnosus, which has been scientifically proven to promote gut health, immunity, and decreased inflammation. For the most optimal immunity defense, Vitamin C and Zinc have also been added. Vitamin C contributes to immune defense by supporting various cellular functions and supplementation has shown to be effective in the prevention and treatment of systemic infections. Zinc is essential for optimal immune, wound healing, the breakdown of carbohydrates and cell growth.


Another benefit of whey protein is more balanced blood glucose levels, hunger controlling hormones and appetite ². Blood sugar levels impact energy, concentration, ability to lose weight, performance, and an imbalance can lead to rapid mood swings and increased cravings. To help manage this, Chromium picolinate has also been added due to its benefits of balancing blood sugar levels which may assist with appetite control and cravings.


OxyWhey has been formulated with digestive enzymes to make you feel good on the inside and out. Studies show that Prohydrolase has the potential to improve digestion and absorption. The addition of this patented enzyme combined with lactase ensures that OxyWhey delivers all the benefits, without the gas, bloating and discomfort some may experience.



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