Fatso Hybrid Peanut Butter - 500g

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Flavor: Maple
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Fatso Hybrid Peanut Butter 

Fatso Hybrid Peanut Butter is an all-natural peanut butter hybridized with “superfats” such as coconut oil, avocado oil, MCT oil, macadamia oil, chia, flax and the natural sweetness of tapioca starch which acts as a prebiotic fibre.

Up your PB game by adding Fatso to smoothies, blending it into your morning coffee, or just get real with yourself and eat it straight out of the jar.

Let’s take the fear out of fat: Fat is a vital form of fuel for optimal human performance and provides the energy needed for a full and functional life . 


ESSENTIALLY, FATSO=LIFE. Our bodies use the fat we consume and the fats we make from other nutrients in our body to provide energy for many of the functions we carry out in our daily life.

FATSO WILL HELP YOU OUTLIVE YOUR ENEMIES. Eating foods rich in fatty acids improves blood cholesterol levels, which can decrease your risk of heart disease

FATSO CAN BE YOUR HERO, BABY. Essential fatty acids are the dietary fats that are essential for growth development and cell functions, but cannot be made by our body’s processes.

EAT FATSO, GET SMART. Saturated fat is one of the main components for brain cells and is necessary for healthy brain function.

FATSO - YOU LOOKING ALL SORTS OF GOOD. Fat helps to maintain healthy skin and tissues. All of our cells need to contain some fats.



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