HD Muscle VitaHD - 300 Caps

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HD Muscle VitaHD - 300 Caps

VitaHD is a truly revolutionary, precisely dosed, one of a kind supplement created to deliver results beyond traditional multi vitamins and ‘all in one’ mineral blends for complete and total human optimization. VitaHD contains an innovative and efficaciously dosed combination of athlete specific vitamins, minerals, herbal extracts and nutrients designed to target specific systems and pathways in the human body to support athletic performance by helping:

  • Prime and strengthen your immune and recovery systems from oxidative and free radical damage
  • Enhance natural energy, mood and focus
  • Promote cellular integrity and mitochondrial health
  • Support efficient cellular oxygen consumption and cardiovascular endurance
  • Reduce stress, fatigue and promote a state of balance
  • Support healthy bone and joint health while reducing inflammation


Customer Reviews

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Chad Bouchard
Will recommened

The delivery was fast and price was fair. will buy again when I need to re supply. Even had a handwritten thank you. Great personal touch

Jordin Lantos
Best of the Best

This is the best multi on the market, even superior to AOR and Life Extension. If you can afford it, it cannot be beat. Highest quality ingredients and bioactive ingredients period.

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