Limitless Pharma Whey Isolate - 5lb

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Flavor: Coconut Island
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Limitless Pharma Whey Isolate 


  • Superior Protein Formula
  • 27g of Protein
  • Pure Filtered Protein Source
  • Ultra Fast Absorption
  • Awesome Taste

Representing the purest type of whey protein, whey isolate consists of more than 90% of protein in is pure state. This supplement is obtained by filtering the whey protein isolate so it's free of lactose, carbohydrates, fats and cholesterol. The advanced isolate gave you everything of the way, but with very low cholesterol, fats and carbohydrates.

Our 100% Filtered Whey Protein Isolate employs the latest extraction technology available to date. This ensures that your body gets the purest protein source it deserves. If you compare our formula to any other, you will notice that our protein has a significant lower amount of lactose, fat, sugar and carbs. Athletes around the world have been using our protein for years and there is one thing that does not change, once you try our product, you will stick with it. You will never feel bloated or disappointed by a nasty flavour again.

Every ingredient that is part of the success of our superior protein is laboratory tested for purity and potency. What you buy and see, is what you get, nothing less!



Combine 1 scoop (31 grams) of ISOLATE protein powder with 250 ml of water, juice or milk (most choose water or skim milk), if necessary, at any time of the day. Most athletes with high protein requirements double each portion (2 scoops of ISOLATE in 250 ml water). Most bodybuilders are aware that a high level of protein consumption is critical to their success. They will aim for 1.5 to 2 grams of protein per bodyweight pound daily and distribute their consumption throughout the day. Our ISOLATE mixes well in a shaker cup but can be combined with other ingredients in a blender to make excellent smoothies.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews
Pascal Leboeuf
Best one

Meilleure protéine isolée ever
Je l’es recommande a tous

Tomislav Busic
Great tasting protein

The best protein I've had hands down. Got the cookies and cream. Totally recommend

Marie eve Maheu

Limitless Pharma Whey Isolate - 5lb

Veronique Chayer

Limitless Pharma Whey Isolate - 5lb

Nathalie Gignac
My Favorite Protein out there!

I have tried many different brands of protein and I end up getting tired of them after a while. But I never get tired of Limitless Pharma! It is my go to. Their flavors just taste so great I forget I am drinking a protein shake! My favorites have to be the “Ferrerolicious”, “coffee chocolate crisp” and “chocolate peanut butter cup”. To be honest the “caramel” flavor is my least favorite, it just leaves a bad after taste. Also, if you have a sensitive stomach to protein powders like i do; trust me this one is right for you :)

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