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Magnum Mane Brain - 60 caps


Magnum Mane Brain 60 caps

  • Maximizes Your Focus
  • Enhances Memory and Increases Clarity
  • Boosts Brain Energy and Cognition
  • Designed For Athletes, Students, Professionals, Gamers

The King of Nootropics, designed for all types of people. Athletes, Students, Professionals, Gamers, Competitors… enhance your brain power and keep up with your active lifestyle.

Mane Brain is the latest supplement create by Magnum Nutraceuticals which is all about focus. The product features a combination of various mental performance ingredients to provide a variety of benefits and a strong, all-around focus experience.

Magnum Mane Brain features six key ingredients to help with clarity, memory, mental energy, cognition, and overall focus. It’s an ideal supplement to take right before studying, grinding out some work, or gaming, and it can be mixed with caffeine seeing as that isn’t one of its six ingredients.