Allmax Cytogreens - 30 servings

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Flavor: Açai Berry Green Tea
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Allmax Cytogreens - 30 servings 

    • Ultra-concentrated premium green superfood powder
    • Infused with spirulina, spinach and barley grass
    • Filled with chlorophyll-rich green superfoods
    • Increases muscle performance, cardiovascular endurance
    • Reduces fatigue
    • Helps the body recycle energy more efficiently during exercise

    Allmax Cytogreens Green Powder Blend is an ultra-concentrated green superfood powder with twice the amount of green ingredients as leading "green" supplements. 


    Cytogreens' exclusive Green Performance Matrix is rich in nutrients to enhance performance, recovery and help the body recycle energy more efficiently during exercise. Best of all, you get the dark greens and colorful, antioxidant-rich berry nutrients your body needs! Cytogreens is also packed with chlorophyll-rich green superfoods like spirulina, cracked cell chlorella, and premium ultra-fine Japanese matcha green tea.


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