Progressive MultiVitamin Active Women - 60 caps

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Progressive MultiVitamin Active Women 

  • Combats stress and fatigue
  • Increases synergy and stamina
  • Replaces lost electrolytes
  • Provides additional antioxidant support
  • Accelerates recovery following exercise
  • Supports cardiovascular health
  • Balances pH
  • Strengthens immune function
  • Promotes clearer skin
  • Improves quality of sleep
Progressive MultiVitamins for Active Women is designed for women on the go. Whether you exercise, work long hours, raise a family or any combination of the above, your body needs the support of an Active MultiVitamin formula.

A “one size fits all” Progressive Women’s Active Multivitamin formula, taken once a day, cannot possibly satisfy all of your varied nutritional needs!  Progressive knows the specific needs of each individual and has created 8 different formulas based on age, gender and activity level.

Regular exercise presents additional nutritional challenges. Increased energy production, greater free radical defence, electrolyte replacement and the maintenance of muscle tone all elevate your nutritional demands. The Progressive Active formulas contain higher potencies of the key nutrients responsible for supporting a more active lifestyle.

Progressive multivitamins are packaged in easy to digest, easy to swallow capsules.  In addition, only pure vegetable based capsules are used, eliminating concern over the impurities of potential contaminants associated with regular gelatin capsules.


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